Monday, December 10, 2012

Winslow Homer - Civil War Illustrations

The War for the Union - A Bayonet Charge (1862)

 A Civil War Thanksgiving (1862)

 After Dinner, the Wish-Bone (1864)

 Holiday in Camp - Soldiers Playing "Foot-Ball" (1865)

 Home From the War (ca. 1863)

 News from the War (1862)

 Pay-Day in the Army of the Potomac (1863)

 Rebels Outside their Works at Yorktown (1862)

 Post Office of the Brooklyn Fair in Aid of the Sanitary Commission (1864)
[what was the Sanitary Commission?]

 The Approach of the British Pirate 'Alabama' (1863)

 The Seventy-Ninth Regiment Highlanders, New York State Militia (1861)

 The Surgeon at Work at the Rear During an Engagement (1862)

Winter Quarters in Camp - The Inside of a Hut (1863)

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