Friday, September 28, 2012


 Alfred Wordsworth Thompson: The Road Out of Norfolk (1888)

 Cornelia Adele Strong Fassett: Mrs. Lamb in Her Study (1878)

 Henry Ferguson: A View of Gold Street, New York

 John Barnard Whittaker: The Lesson
 or The John Ewart Tousey Family at Home in Brooklyn, New York (1871-72)

 Julian Davidson: The Emma Abbott, First Floating Hospital (1876)

 Newton Alonzo Wells: Castor Oil (1891)

 Samuel Richards: Evangeline Discovering Her Affianced in the Hospital (1877-79)
[depicting an incident from Longfellow's poem]

William Coulter: San Francisco Fire, 1906
[aftermath of the great earthquake]

Thursday, September 27, 2012

George Inness, ctd

Morning, Catskill Valley (also known as The Red Oaks) (1894)

 Niagara (1889)

 October Noon (1891)

 October (1886)

 Old Homestead (ca. 1877)

 Orange Road, Tarpon Springs (1893)

 Rosy Morning (1894)

 Shades of Evening (1877)

Summer, Montclair (1891)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Albert Bierstadt, ctd

Sunrise on the Platte River, Nebraska

 Sunset in the Yosemite Valley (1868)

 Sunset over the River (1868)

 The Buffalo Trail (ca. 1867)

 The Emerald Pool (1870)

 The Falls of St. Anthony (1880-87)

 The Great Trees, Mariposa Grove, California (1876)

The Grizzly Giant Sequoia, Mariposa Grove, California (1872-73)

 The Landing of Columbus (1892)
[obviously painted for the 400th anniversary of Columbus's voyage]

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frederick Arthur Bridgman, ctd


 Scene in Morocco

 Summer Evening

 The Barber

 The Bathing Beauties (1872)

 The Bathing Cove (1890)

 The Card Players

 The First Steps (1878)

The Game of Chance (1885)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Winslow Homer, ctd

 A Huntsman and Dogs (1891)

 Hunter in the Adirondacks (1892)

 A Huntsman and Dogs (1891)

Hurricane in the Bahamas (1898-99)

 In Front of Yorktown (1875)

 Incoming Tide, Scarboro, Maine (1883)

 Kissing the Moon (1904)

 Listening to the Voice from the Cliffs (1883)

 Long Branch, New Jersey (1869)

 Looking over the Cliff (1882)

Lost on the Grand Banks (1885)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Henry Bacon

Henry Bacon (1839-1912) was an American painter. After serving in the Civil War he spent much of his time in Europe.

 Along the Seine (1879)

 At the Well

 Beach at Etretat (1881)

 Christmas Prayers (1872)

 The Departure (1879)

 Égalité (1889)

 First Sight of Land (1877)

 Fisherfolk Returning with their Nets, Etretat (1882)

 On Shipboard (1877)

 Pay Attention

Reveille on a Winter Morning (ca. 1868)

The Peasant Girl (1883)