Friday, August 31, 2012


Tonalism was a school of American landscape painting that originated in the 1880s.

 Arthur Hoeber: Stream in Winter (ca. 1895)

 Arthur Hoeber: Sunset Marshands

 L. Birge Harrison: November Sun

 Carl Christian Brenner: Beech Trees (ca. 1880)

 Carl Christian Brenner: Landscape with Trees and Broken Fence (1884)

 Carl Christian Brenner: Train Approaching a Pass (1887)

 Clark Voorhees: December Moonrise (ca. 1908)

 Frank Peyraud: Twilight (1900)

 George Fuller: The Tomato Patch (1878)

 Gilbert David Munger: After the Storm

Henry Golden Dearth: In the Gloaming (1889)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brief Hiatus

I will resume posting on Friday, August 31.

Eastman Johnson, ctd

The Field Hospital

 The Girl I Left Behind Me (1870-75)

 The Hatch Family (1870-71)

 The Ice Skater (1879)

 The Lesson (1874)

 The Little Convalescent (ca. 1872)

 The Little Soldier

The Lord is my Shepherd (1863)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Winslow Homer - Woodcuts

Winslow Homer produced hundreds of woodcuts and etchings for popular magazines (especially Harper's Weekly), both during and after the Civil War.

 A Boston Watering-Cart

  A Country Store - Getting Weighed

 A Parisian Ball - Dancing at the Casino

 A Parisian Ball - Dancing at the Mabille

 A Quiet Day in the Woods

 A Snow Slide in the City

 A Winter Morning, Shovelling Out

 Art Students and Copyists in the Louvre Gallery

August in the Country - The Sea-Shore

Babylon is Fallen

Friday, August 24, 2012

Julian Scott

Julian Scott (1846-1901) painted scenes of the American Civil War. He served in the Union Army during the war and received the Medal of Honor for his service.

 A Break: Playing Cards (1881)

 Civil War Drummer Boys Playing Cards (1891)

 The Death of General Sedgwick, Spotsylvania, May 9, 1864 (1887)

 The March Home (1879)

 The Mounted Sentry (1884)

 Union Soldiers Taking a Confederate Redoubt (1872)

Vermont Division at The Battle of Chancellorsville (1871-72)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Louis Remy Mignot

Louis Remy Mignot (1831-1870) was an American Creole landscape painter who seems to have lived a rather eventful life. He painted scenes of South America, the American Northeast and the South.

"Ave Maria": Evening in the Tropics I (1861)

"Ave Maria": Evening in the Tropics II (1862)

 "Ave Maria": Evening in the Tropics III

 Church at Dusk

 Indian Summer, Lake George (1862)

 Karhuikazo (1860)

 Lagoon of the Guayaquil (1863)

 Landscape in Ecuador (1859)

 Mount Chimborazo (ca. 1866)

Mountain Lake in Autumn (1861)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charles Courtney Curran, ctd

Fair Critics (1887)

 Lady with a Bouquet (Snowballs) (1890)

 May Afternoon (1916)

 Playing Red Riding Hood (1907)

 Shadow Decoration (1887)

 Summer Clouds (1917)

 Summer (1906)

 The Artist at Work (1887)

 The Boulder (1919)

The Lanterns (1913)