Friday, August 3, 2012

Frederic Edwin Church, ctd

Here are some of Church's paintings of South American scenes.

 Cayambe (1858)

 Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador (1864)

 Cotopaxi (1855)

Heart of the Andes (1859)

Morning in the Tropics (1877)

 Tamaca Palms (1854)

 The Cordilleras, Sunrise (1854)

 Tropical Scenery (1873)

 View of Cotopaxi (1857)

View on the Magdalena River (1857)

 Eruption at Cotopaxi (1862)

I can't resist posting a modern parody of Church's 1862 Cotopaxi painting, beautifully done by Joshua Caez:
Joshua Caez: Erupting Cotopaxi (2007)

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