Friday, August 31, 2012


Tonalism was a school of American landscape painting that originated in the 1880s.

 Arthur Hoeber: Stream in Winter (ca. 1895)

 Arthur Hoeber: Sunset Marshands

 L. Birge Harrison: November Sun

 Carl Christian Brenner: Beech Trees (ca. 1880)

 Carl Christian Brenner: Landscape with Trees and Broken Fence (1884)

 Carl Christian Brenner: Train Approaching a Pass (1887)

 Clark Voorhees: December Moonrise (ca. 1908)

 Frank Peyraud: Twilight (1900)

 George Fuller: The Tomato Patch (1878)

 Gilbert David Munger: After the Storm

Henry Golden Dearth: In the Gloaming (1889)

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