Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The American Revolution

Here are some 19th century paintings depicting the American Revolution.

 Alfred Wordsworth Thompson: Halt at the Outpost (1881)

 Archibald Willard: The Spirit of '76 (1876)

 Frank Blackwell Mayer: The Continentals (1875)

 Franz Ludwig Catel: Molly Pitcher at The Battle of Monmouth, 1778
[who was Molly Pitcher? find out here]

 Howard Pyle: Redcoat Soldiers Toasting the Ladies

 Howard Pyle: The Nation Makers

 Jennie Brownscombe: Washington Greeting Lafayette at Mount Vernon

 William Tylee Ranney: First News of the Battle of Lexington (1847)

William Tylee Ranney: Recruiting for the Continental Army (1857-59)

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