Tuesday, November 13, 2012

George Martin Ottinger

George Martin Ottinger (1833-1917) was an American painter. His biography (follow the link) reveals an eventful life.

 A Hasty Farewell (Capt. John Huston and Elizabeth Ottinger 1777) (1895)

 Above Camp Douglas (1868)

 Away Away to the Mountain Dell: The Valley of the Free Immigrant Train (1897)

 Aztec Maiden (1881)

 Courthouse Rock (1861)

Fisherman at the Mouth of Cottonwood Stream (1890)
 Immigrant Train at the City of the Rocks, Idaho (1870)

 Sugar Refinery Burning (1885)

 The Great Salt Lake From The Foot of Ensign Peak (1864)

 The Last of the Aztecs (1867)

Woman at Her Bath (1870)

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