Thursday, February 7, 2013


 Theodor Groll: Washington Street, Indianapolis, at Dusk (1892-95)

 Thomas Sully: Cinderella at the Kitchen Fire (1843)

 Thompkins Matteson: Hop Picking (1862)

 Walter MacEwen: The Absent One on All Souls' Day (1889)

 Dewitt Clinton Boutelle: Summer in the Country (1857)

Peter Rothermel: Charge of the Pennsylvania Reserves at Plum Run, Battle of Gettysburg

Thomas Hicks: The Musicale, Barber Shop, Trenton Falls, New York (1866)
[about this painting, which is very interesting for depicting an integrated band]

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  1. The Brister family were some of the best musicians around here back then. They gave music lessons and white musicians who played with them could very well have been their students.