Friday, January 18, 2013

Ferdinand Richardt

Ferdinand Richardt (full name Joachim Ferdinand Richardt, 1819-1895) was an American landscape painter born in Denmark.

 Independence Hall in Philadelphia (1858-63)

 Swedish Mill (1847)

 Countryside Along the Susquehanna (1858)

 Trenton High Falls (1858)

 View of Harper's Ferry (1850s)

 View of Mount Vernon (1858)

 View of Niagara Falls

 View of the Mississippi (1858)

View of the Upper Mississippi (1865)


  1. I came upon a large and glorious painting of cows at a pond in a sunny clearing, in an antique shop in Petaluma, CA yesterday. It was a Richardt! It was for sale for $27,000. but I was told that it was probably sold for less. It was as beautiful as these and I was immediately taken by it. (I've been researching the name of this painting as well.)

  2. I have enherited a picture that is almost Identical with picture no. 5 ... only without the cows on the road.
    Wonder if its worth something ?

    1. Henrik, your best bet would be to have it appraised. It sounds like a copy so maybe not great value, but maybe worth something.