Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orientalist Paintings

 Charles James Theriat: In the Shade, Biskra (1893)

 Charles James Theriat: Playing the Derbakeh, Biskra (1889)

 Henry Roderick Newman: The Temple Door at Abu Simbel (1900)

 Henry Roderick Newman: Daibutsu at Kamakura, Japan (1898)

 Louis Comfort Tiffany: Algerian Shops
[Yes, this is the same Tiffany who designed the lamps.]
[Though apparently most of the creative work was done by his female assistant, Clara Driscoll.]

 Louis Comfort Tiffany: Market Day Outside the Walls of Tangiers, Morocco (1873)

 Louis Comfort Tiffany: On the Way Between Old and New Cairo, Citadel Mosque of Mohammed Ali and Tombs of the Mamelukes (1872)

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