Thursday, May 17, 2012

Early Portraits

Here are some portraits, most from the first half of the 19th century. First, several by various members of the Peale family:

 Charles Willson Peale: The Peale Family (completed 1809)
(there's a YouTube video telling the story of this painting)

 James Peale: Anna Sophia Alexander Robertson (Mrs. William Heberton) (1816)

 Sarah Miriam Peale: Mrs. Charles Ridgely Carroll (Rebecca Ann Pue) (ca. 1822)

 Sarah Miriam Peale: Veiled Woman (1830)

Next, a few by Gilbert Stuart, early America's leading portraitist:

 Gilbert Stuart: George Washington (the Landsdowne portrait) (1796)

 Gilbert Stuart: Dolley Madison (1804)

Gilbert Stuart: Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis (1809)

 Henry Inman: Angelica Van Buren (1842)

 Jacob Eichholtz: Serena Mayer Franklin (1838)

David Martin: Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (1767)

George Healy: Euphemia White Van Rensselear (1842)

 Edward Savage: The Washington Family (1789-1796)

Lewis Thomas Ives: Frances Elizabeth Newbury Bagley (1872-1882)

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