Friday, May 11, 2012

Thomas Moran, ctd

Still more from Thomas Moran.

An Indian Pueblo, Laguna, New Mexico (1908)

 Arizona Sunset Near the Grand Canyon (1898)

 Autumn (1893-97)

 Cliff Dwellers (1899)

 Dusk Wings (1860)

 Fiercely the Red Sun Descending, Burned His Way Across the Heavens (ca. 1875)

 Mexican Plaza, Market Day (1884)

 Salvator Rosa Sketching the Banditi (1860)

 Slave Hunt, Dismal Swamp, Virginia (1862)
Moran, with this painting, left no doubt as to where his sympathies lay in the American Civil War.

 Sunset in Mid-Ocean (1904)

 Sunset Near Land's End, Cornwall (1909)

 Sunset on the Moor (1880)

The Juniata, Evening (1864)

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