Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Francis William Edmonds

Francis William Edmonds (1806-1863) was a 19th century American genre painter. His scenes of daily life often focused on humorous aspects of courtship, as exemplified by the first painting.

 Barking Up the Wrong Tree (1850-55)

 The City and Country Beaux (1840)

 The Image Pedlar (1844)

Below is a timeless depiction of a father dismayed by the cost of his daughter's fashion consciousness.

 The New Bonnet (1858)

Concerning the following painting, The Speculator, the Smithsonian exhibit says: 
"A rural couple listens skeptically to a representative of the Building Association, identified by the paper in his coat pocket. The salesman—whose top hat, pointed shoes, and umbrella mark him as a city slicker—promises the couple a better life as he unrolls a listing of '1000 Valuable Lots on Rail Road Ave.' Francis William Edmonds's comic genre scenes captured the rough-and-tumble of America's frontiers."
The Speculator (1852)

 The Windmill (ca. 1858)

 Time to Go (1857)

The New Scholar, engraved by Alfred Jones  (1850)

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