Friday, July 20, 2012

Cornelius Krieghoff

In the case of Cornelius Krieghoff (1815-1872), I'm stretching the meaning of my blog's title to mean "North American" - Krieghoff was one of the most prominent Canadian painters of the 19th century. His scenes of outdoor life are reminiscent of the work of the Hudson River School painters, though I am unaware of any contact between them.

 A Winter Incident (ca. 1860)

 After the Ball, Chez Jolifou (1856)

 After the Kill (1861)

 Bargaining for a Load of Wood (1860)

 Breaking Lent (1847)

 Bringing in the Deer (ca. 1859)

 Canadian Autumn, View on the Road to Lake St. John (1862)

 Caughnawaga Indian Encampment at a Portage (ca. 1844)

 Chippewas on Lake Superior (1860)

Death of the Moose at Sunset, Lake Famine, South of Quebec (1859)

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