Tuesday, July 3, 2012

John George Brown

John George Brown (1831-1913) was an English-born American genre painter. His artistic depictions of urban life are an invaluable supplement to the photographic record of the time. Much of his work focuses on children. This is the first of four sets of paintings by Brown.

 A Breezy Morning (1876)

 A Jolly Lot (1885)

 A Liberated Woman (1895)
[dating from the time when it was considered scandalous for a woman to smoke]

 A New Weight (1883)

 A Thrilling Moment (1880)

 Among the Trees (1873-77)

 Buy a Posy (1881)

 Camp in the Maine Woods (1879)

 Claiming the Shot: After the Hunt in the Adirondacks (1865)

 Cleaning Fish (1877)

Crossing the Stream (1864)

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