Monday, July 2, 2012

Edwin Lord Weeks, ctd

Here's my final set of paintings by Edwin Lord Weeks.

 The Caravan (1877)

 The Nautch

 The Taj Mahal (ca. 1880)
[about the Taj Mahal]

 The Temple and Tank of Walkeschwar at Bombay

 Water Carriers of the Ganges (1885)

 White Marble Tomb at Suittitor, Skiri (1883)

 Women's Bathing Place in Oodeypore, India (ca. 1895)
[modern spelling of Oodeypore is Udaipur]

 Jumma Musjed, Lahore, India
[Lahore is, of course, now in Pakistan]
The Old Blue-Tiled Mosque Outside of Delhi, India (ca. 1883)

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