Tuesday, July 10, 2012

John George Brown, ctd

The final set of paintings by JG Brown.

The Peacemaker (1867)

 The Teacher (1866)

 The Transit of Venus (1883)
[there was a transit of Venus in June 2012; the painting depicts the December 1882 transit]

 The Young Mother (1875)

 Three Girls on a Swing (1868)

 Thus Perish the Memory of Our Love (1865)
[Facebook unfriending, 19th century style]

 Waiting for William (1879)

 We Can't Be Caught (ca. 1876)

What's Your Name? (1876)
The child in this schoolroom scene, acting as a teacher's monitor, has just written two columns of names under "bad" and "excellent" on the blackboard. Her gaze has a concentrated intensity that immediately engages the viewer. At the top of the "bad" column, the name "Belle Brown" appears, perhaps offering a clue to the young girl's identity. Belle Brown, a daughter of the artist by his first wife Mary Owen, was born in 1864 and would have been twelve years old at the time Brown completed this work.
(from Domestic Bliss: Family Life in American Painting, 1840-1910, by Lee M. Edwards and Timothy Anglin Burgard, p. 112)

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